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“Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going”
Jim Ryan

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Kerri Lewin

Professional Organizers in Canada

Package Options

Option A: Organizing 101


If the task is just too overwhelming or time is of the essence lets work together. will give you the hands on support to gently guide you through the process of letting go and help with what to do with “all that stuff”!  Rates are hourly with discount rates for larger projects.  Email coaching and support included with this package.

Option B: Just Get It Done!


For an hourly rate, I'll do the un-cluttering & organizing for you.  Let me do the initial sorting and space design to get things started.  To save money on big projects, I will suggest small assignments and leave homework lists that you can do between appointments.

Option C: Do it Yourself


Do it yourself with the guidance of a Professional.  The do-it-yourselfer includes 2.5 hours of consultation in your space and a complete checklist of instructions to direct you through the purging, organizing and design steps to success.   Suggestions will include overall flow of the home, steps to eliminate clutter and tips for furniture placement and editing.

Option D: E-Mail Coaching

Sometimes you just need a little tweaking or a fresh pair of eyes to guide you.  This is the perfect package for those who need assistance but on their time.
E-mail questions, ideas, and photos and I will walk you through the rest.   A complete checklist of instructions will direct you through the purging, organizing and design steps.  This can also follow the thorough organizing process to keep you motivated and on track.


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