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“The average person wastes one hour
a day looking for stuff."
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Product Recommendations

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Magic eraserI can’t say enough about this brilliant product. Scuffs on floors and marks on walls that I was sure would need paint to cover up, suddenly disappeared. Check it out!!


  • “I have two words for my old cleaning products...."You're Fired!"
  • “Have you ever done a happy dance over a new cleaning product that really works....?
    I haven't, well... that is until I stumbled upon the Magic Eraser. Let me paint a quick picture for you. I have 4 kids, a husband, and a dog all living in a large house with WHITE WALLS. In translation that means I have white walls painted with crayon, mud, pen, chalk, handprints, etc. Bathroom sinks full of stuck on gunk, back doors full of muddy paw-prints. Kitchen walls sprayed with food from the frying pan, garage walls with scuff marks...and so on. To say the least.......I'VE GOT DIRT TO CLEAN!”

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes

LysolThese ready-to-use wipes are fantastic to keep in the bathroom! Keep one under every sink for those last minute cleanups and as a bonus kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds! Absolutely ideal when your home is on the market and you’re in a hurry. A quick sweep around the sink and counter and you’re ready to go. Perfect, I LOVE it!


Environmental Air Sponge

Air SpongeThe Air Sponge is one of my favorites as it absorbs all kinds of odors including pet and litter box odors and mildew. It’s great for basements and closed up areas that are prone to have a musty smell. This is a “must” have!


  • “I own and operate a shoe and boot repair shop and use lots of different glues, solvents and other “smelly” stuff. I recently bought the environmental Sponge to see if that would work in getting rid of these smells. I have used other “air cleaners and odor reducers” and they did not work so I was expecting this to be the same. I was very shocked when this product not only got rid of litter box odor but also glue, solvents, rubber and leather odors also. I love this product!!!”
    --Michelle Wolff, Portland, OR

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