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“The average person wastes one hour
a day looking for stuff."
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Professional Staging Tips

You never get the second chance to make a first impression. Facts are that a potential homebuyer is forming an opinion the minute they pull up to your home, and made up their minds 10 seconds after entering through your front door. Be sure to evaluate each area of your home and property BEFORE you list. Start on the outside working in using a checklist system to make notes of your high and low priorities with the following tips in mind.

  1. Curb appeal and Entrance - Landscape needs to be well groomed and driveway, walkway, front doorway well maintained. Be sure entry is bright, welcoming and clear of clutter.
  2. Furniture Placement and Editing - Remove or “edit” unnecessary furniture to make the rooms appear to feel larger and improve flow. Determine the focal point and try pulling pieces to the center of the room to create a cozy conversation area.
  3. De-clutter - Bring in an objective eye, someone not attached to your items. Sort through your treasures and pack up the cherished knickknacks. Donate, giveaway or toss the rest. By sorting prior to packing, you simplify the unpacking process at the other end.
  4. De-personalize -The potential buyer needs to be able to picture him or herself in your home and not be distracted by your personal possessions.
  5. Neutralize - You may love bold colours but the prospective buyer may not. Freshen the walls with creams or soft tan paint tones and then accessorize with colour.
  6. Repair - Tighten the taps, repair the scratches and patch the nail holes. Many touch ups are quick and easy to do and the attention to detail goes a long way.
  7. Lighting – Replace bulbs, open blinds and curtains and let the sun shine in. A well-lit room will feel more spacious. Don’t forget to clean the windows.
  8. Fluff it up - Add a personal touch. Fresh crisp linens, towels, soaps and fresh flowers will freshen any space at minimal expense for maximum results.
  9. Great Scents - Fresh air and sweet scents (vanilla, apple, cinnamon) throughout the house are very comforting. The smells of freshly baked cookies or apples make visitors feel at home.
  10. Clean - Clean, clean and then clean again. Taking pride of ownership will reflect on how the buyer perceives your home. If time is an issue, hire someone to help maintain your efforts.

Make an impression, the FIRST time!

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